Many kind of nuts are beneficial in our diet and have been identified as nutritionally dense and loaded with unique blends of mono and poly unsaturated fats and fibre. Since the 5th century, nuts have been prescribed to cure assorted ailments while 1000 years ago during the Islamic renaissance they were viewed as valuable as a treatment for liver diseases.

Walnuts and pine nuts are particularly high in poly unsaturated fats with walnuts having a omega-3 and omega-6 PUFA content of 47%. They are also a natural source of vitamin E and contain the highest levels of antioxidant polyphenols of all common nuts.

Now, it’s great to read about the theory but I get more excited when I see results of scientific trials, particularly those involving human patients.

A scientific study done on 106 patients pointed to improved liver function tests after 3 months with further improvements after 6 months, for those consuming walnuts. In general there is scientific interest in using nuts and walnuts in particular to treat NAFLD and liver inflammation. There was also a huge 30 year long study involving 118000 patients which showed, overall nut consumption correlated with reduced, all-cause mortality, for both men and women and with reduced deaths due to cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease. Effects were most pronounced in those who consumed higher quantities of nuts.

Personally, I prefer to eat Brazil nuts everyday as a snack and often eat 100g daily. I also eat walnuts but not in such quantities.

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