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Dear reader,

Thank you for showing interest in reversing your fatty liver, a subject I have a close personal interest in.

On my quest to reverse my own fatty liver, it was relatively easy to come up with lists of foods to take and those to avoid thanks to a lot of helpful information around on the internet and in books, I’m sure you’ve also done the same and visited many sites; many of you will have already started making those necessary life-style changes to reverse your fatty liver.

Coming from a scientific background, I wanted to know more about the nutritional aspects going on and I took many hours to research and understand why some foods were better than others and perhaps more interestingly, to research why some “foods” are outright poison to our bodies and particularly to our livers.

While implementing these dietary changes, I became impatient and more interested in the processes happening within my body. I would badger my doctor to make blood tests and ultra-sound scans more often than he thought necessary and I would drive my family crazy by discussing pieces of research that I’d discovered which I felt was adding to the overall jigsaw puzzle.

One day, I read an obscure research article which had come out of the Ukraine which made complete, jaw dropping, sense to me and it appeared to be a large piece of the jig-saw puzzle that I had been searching for until now.
It was the beginning of my study into a new angle and what I now believe to be the primary cause of fatty liver disease and an area overlooked by most GPs and even liver specialists.
In this free report you will find the answers to the following questions.

Why is my fatty liver taking so long to reverse?

Why is it so difficult to lose the weight as recommended by my doctor?

Why do I feel lethargic even though I’ve changed my diet?

Discover this one simple, easy, habit done each morning that could make a huge difference in your liver health.

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Disclaimer: The research contained with this report and any of our publications, has been derived from the very latest scientific research published from medical studies worldwide or from direct interviews with leading professionals in their field. This material is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. You should always consult your healthcare professional before acting upon information contained within our publications.