Foods To Avoid

There are many foods in the modern Western diet which contribute to the storage of excess fat in the liver and to systemic inflammation.

When reversing a fatty liver and maintaining a healthy liver we need to be conscious of what we eat and to largely avoid certain foods.

I general terms we need to avoid or severely limit the intake of sugars and alcohols and refined carbohydrates. Additionally, there are other harmful substances which fall into the category of medications, household or industrial chemicals and solvents and also some food additives.

This section is intended to highlight the common foods to replace with healthy alternatives and I also cover some common substances which you should also be aware of which can cause liver damage and should be avoided.

A take away here is that you should read more food packaging to ensure that the ingredients don’t appear on the ‘avoid’ list and also you should be more conscious of listening and researching dangerous liver harming substances you may come in contact with regularly.

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