Fatty Liver Beneficial Foods

What Foods should I be eating?

Reversing a fatty liver involves, for most people, a change in life style. This change is more difficult for some people than others. It really depends upon how resistant you are to making the adjustments necessary, particularly to your diet.

Dietary changes will involve cutting out foods which stress your liver and /or cause inflammatory reactions and replacing these with foods which are kind and supportive to your liver, allowing it time to recover.

This section of the site is dedicated to the foods which require less work from your liver in order that it can devote more energy to recovery and regeneration. Generally, you should always be looking to eat foods which reduce inflammation and which are easy for your liver to process. The following foods are great examples of what you should be eating on your journey to reverse your fatty liver. Naturally, you should continue to include these and similar foods into your diet once your liver is healthy again.

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