Foods To Avoid

Foods and substances to be avoided

Chemicals and medications

A number of medications and household chemicals are capable of damaging the liver by inflaming or killing liver cells. Some of these in longer term, lower doses can cause liver steatosis or fatty liver. Amiodarone and Methotrexate and Tamoxifen are just a few examples of medications which can cause fatty liver to develop which is …

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Foods To Avoid

There are many foods in the modern Western diet which contribute to the storage of excess fat in the liver and to systemic inflammation. When reversing a fatty liver and maintaining a healthy liver we need to be conscious of what we eat and to largely avoid certain foods. I general terms we need to …

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Added Sugar

Sugar has many forms and when reversing a fatty liver we should take steps to avoid added sugar in our foods. That means, starting to drink tea and coffee without reaching for the sugar bowl, cutting out soda drinks and biscuits. Making these changes goes along way to ensuring that the only sugar we get …

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Monosodium Glutamate

Monosodium Glutamate or GMG appears in many food preparations such as stock cubes, crisps and cracker flavorings, soups, salad dressings and among other things, instant noodles. Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, MSG is not always easy to determine as an ingredient of shop bought food. Here are some of the names used on packaging. monosodium salt, …

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Alcohol should be avoided whenever possible if you are trying to reverse a fatty liver or want to maintain a healthy liver. If you have NAFLD then this is almost clinically indistinguishable from AFL. Doctors simply label the disease according to whether male patients consume more than 30 grams of pure ethanol per day or …

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