Alcohol should be avoided whenever possible if you are trying to reverse a fatty liver or want to maintain a healthy liver. If you have NAFLD then this is almost clinically indistinguishable from AFL. Doctors simply label the disease according to whether male patients consume more than 30 grams of pure ethanol per day or not. This equates to around 3 small glasses of wine.

Simply drinking too many units of alcohol regularly will cause the liver to store excess fat which results in a fatty liver. In fact, scientists use alcohol in the diet of rats when reliably creating groups of experimental specimens with fatty livers.

Ethanol, (the alcohol we find in alcoholic drinks) has many negative effects on the health of our organs, especially the liver which is responsible for metabolizing alcohol in the blood. During breaking down of alcohol, acetaldehyde, (a by-product of the process) is released which is poisonous to our bodies and particularly to our livers.

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