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Hi, my name is Peter Thompson. I’m in my late 50s, married with two pre-teens and live close to Zug in Switzerland. I’ve never been over-weight and I’m reasonable active so you can imagine how shocked I was to be diagnosed with NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) or liver steatosis, a short while ago.

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In actual fact, I took the diagnosis of fatty liver more seriously than my GP. He explained that it was probably nothing to worry about and that ‘there are a lot of people with fatty livers running around.’ At the time, I was somewhat sensitive to liver diseases. I had recently watched a friend die from liver disease which had progressed from inflammation caused, years earlier, by hepatitis C, through to cirrhosis and finally liver cancer. It hadn’t been pleasant to follow the disease progress through these stages and I was determined that it wasn’t going to happen to me.

I suppose, when someone gets diagnosed with any disease which has serious implications, the first reaction is ‘why me?’ I felt even more strongly when I started to research the whole subject. After all, wasn’t this disease associated with diabetes or obesity? I wasn’t over-weight, nor had I a diabetes issue. True, I enjoyed a few beers at the weekend and I didn’t go to the gym but I reasoned that having two pre-teens meant that I was never going to be described as sedentary. Heck, where did this come from? I ate well and by that I mean as a family we didn’t resort to junk food much. We certainly didn’t regularly over eat. I wasn’t a dietitian or medical doctor but I thought I knew what was good and not good in terms of food.

My journey began researching everything I could find. Often this involved comparing conflicting advice to come up with a strategy to reverse my fatty liver. I soon realized, to my horror, that most doctors have only a basic knowledge of nutrition and that the medical profession would have us believe that this condition is incurable, simply because there isn’t a drug marketed, to make it go away. I’m sure many people accept this and give up without attempting to do anything about reversing their fatty liver at this stage.

If your doctor has this attitude then RUN. Get the support of someone who will be helpful on your journey and read as much as you can to help yourself. There is a wealth of golden information around which if acted upon, will almost certainly improve the health of your liver. For those of you reading this, who have been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis there is encouragement amongst the research even though many doctors would suggest only a transplant or death. Please, never give up.

Just imagine going into your doctor’s practise. Looking at his or her face as he carries out the ultra-sound examination in 6 weeks time. First adjusting the screen and then the position of the scanner, looking for the tell-tale lighter shade of gray of your fatty liver compared to the kidney next to it. Finally, going back over the images taken from the previous visits and then announcing that your liver appears to be normal.

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Here is to your journey and your success. Fatty liver reversal will happen, with some changes and persistence and you will feel 1000% better as a result.